Waldameer Just Got A Lot More Fun

The snow didn't stop a hearty bunch of WaldameerPark season ticket holders. They braved the elements today to be among the first to ride the park's newest ride, the Music Express. Lou Baxter has the story from Waldameer. That sound, screams of fear and delight, is music to the ears of Waldameer Amusement Park owner Paul Nelson. He turned on the all new Music Express today for the park's season ticket holders. What did they think?

"It was really fun."
"Very scary and fast."
"It was a blast."
Paul Nelson: "This, we thought, was an ideal way to start Christmas."
Paul Nelson said: "As the park grows, expands, and attracts more visitors, Waldameer needs more high capacity rides like the new Music Express."
Nelson: "This ride will hold 60 people... than a normal ride at the park."
The overnight snow fall did nothing to dampen the spirits of those who visited the amusement park today.
Lisa Schnars, season ticket holder: "we thought there's ... looking forward to it."
Shelly Sharp, season ticket holder, said: "It was a neat opportunity. I've never done that before."
The feeling was unanimous among those who rode the Music Express today. It's going to make WaldameerPark a lot more fun.
And the new rides keep coming for just one reason: "Because we want to be part of Erie. Erie is part of us."


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