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Lost Children

Admission: Free to enter Amusement Park and there are many purchase options to use our rides. Everyone must pay to enter Water World. Guests who are wheelchair-bound and cannot use the water attractions and infants under 1 year old (who are not going to use water areas) do not pay admission.

Brochure/Rates: If you would like a Waldameer & Water World brochure, email us your mailing address. View Waldameer & Water World pricing.


Buy Your Tickets Early: It is probably a good idea to buy your tickets online and get them early. That way you'll get the best price and skip the lines by using our "Express Lines". Buy your tickets online right now!

Carry In Items/Food & Beverages:
You can bring your own food and drinks into Waldameer only. No outside food or beverage is allowed into Water World except one bottle of water per person, baby food, or special dietary needs. No coolers larger than 10"x12"x9".

Personal portable grills cannot be used directly on picnic tabletop/counter-top surfaces or in Water World. Beer only permitted in picnic areas of amusement park, not on the Midway or in Water World. (NOTE: no alcohol of any kind allowed in/on Park property during Firework Days & Holidays) For the safety of our Guests, we reserve the right to inspect all coolers, picnic baskets and other containers brought into either the amusement park or Water World. No glass containers permitted. No loud boom boxes/stereos permitted in Waldameer & Water World.


Cashless: No cash is accepted inside park. All in park spending must use Credit/Debit card, Gift Card or Wally Card. Cash is accepted only at Merry-Go-Round Ticket Booths, Guest Services, Arcade and Wally Card Kiosks.  Click Here for more info!

Credit Cards & ATM’s: Waldameer accepts VISA/MasterCard/Discover – Guests may use these cards for purchases at all Ticket Booths, Gift House, Swim Shop and all Food Stands. We do not cash or accept personal checks. Two ATMs are available, located in our SkeeBall Alley and main Gift House.

Dress Code (Waldameer): Shoes, shirt and pants are required for entry into Waldameer. Bikini swimsuits must be covered by a shirt and shorts when worn in Waldameer. Clothing with rude, vulgar or inflammatory language or graphics is not permitted. No bathing suits are allowed on amusement rides.


Dress Code (Water World): Approved swimwear must be worn and must be modest in design, properly lined and gender appropriate per PA Health Dept. Regulations. No revealing swimsuits allowed. Swimsuits with rivets or sharp pieces are not allowed. Swim shoes or aqua socks are allowed (must have a heel strap and stay on your feet) on water slides. Sunglasses and glasses must be taken off or secured by a glasses strap (available in our Swim Shop). Children in diapers must wear swim diapers (available for purchase in our Swim Shop). We ask that all diapers be changed in our restrooms where changing tables are located. Guests must change into street clothes (shoes, shirt and pants) before returning to Waldameer. Showers and changing rooms are provided and rental lockers available. Casts are not allowed on water slides or the Endless River.

Entertainment – FREE:
 Daily Musical Shows at the Showtime Theater and Holiday Fireworks.  Our three new Shows for the 2013 Season are:

     Meet and Greet with Wally and Wendy Bear: Get your cameras ready, it's time to meet and greet Wally and Wendy Bear! Hugs, high fives, and special memories are about to be made as the young and young at heart spend a few moments with Waldameer's special stars! It's Meet and Greet with Wally and Wendy Bear!

     Camp Rockmeer: You've never been to a camp like this! Our zany campers are ready for one wild summer, filled with campfire songs, s'mores, and of course rock and roll! You'll never get homesick as you enjoy this comical tribute to days gone by. Pack your bags and join the non-stop party at Camp Rockmeer!

     Swingin' Safari: Join Wally and Wendy Bear as they use the power of imagination to take the audience on a fun filled adventure through the African Jungle! This non-stop song and dance spectacular wilcomes come brand new friends and is guarunteed to entertain young and old alike! Grab your camera and binoculars and head over to the Showtime Theater for Wally and Wendy Bear's Swingin' Safari!

     Let's Go to the Movies: Some of the most memorable moments of all time took place at the movies! Iconic scenes, memorable dances, classic favorites, and even movie musicals have all jumped right off the silver screen and right into the hearts of millions! This all new musical revue includes music from some of Hollywood's most celebrated feature films and is sure to entertain movie lovers of all ages. Grab some popcorn and Let's Go to the Movies!

First Aid:  Two locations, in the Park Office (gray building next to Paratrooper) for the amusement park and the waterpark office located on the backside of the Bath House adjacent to the Comet in Water World. Band-aids are located at Guest Services next to the Merry-Go Round and at the Locker House in Water World.


Food Allergies: All fried food is cooked in 100% Soy Vegetable Oil. French Fries in the Main Grill and Potato Patch are cooked in "French Fry Only" fryers - other foods like Chicken Nuggets or Onion Rings are done in a separate fryer (Note: the Curly Fries in the XScream Snack Shack are fried with other products in the same fryer). Nuts or Peanuts are used or are present in the following stands; all Dippin' Dots, X-Scream Food, Lemonade Cart, Ice Cream Stand, Candy Stand, Elephant Ears, Cookie House, Potato Patch and the Fudge House. Click for Menu and Food Information


Guest Services:  Located across from the Fudge Kitchen adjacent to the Carousel ride. Please visit to have many of your questions answered and concerns addressed.


Height Restrictions: Guests will be measured with their shoes on at Admission Booths. Please notice all height restrictions before entering the queue line of a ride. A wristband does not guarantee access to a ride due to height restriction. Guests with wristbands will still be measured at the ride locations to ensure consistency.

Line Jumping: You must enter the line at the end. Guests are not allowed to: leave and return for any reason; hold a spot for someone else; join someone already in line; jump any fences or chains; nor cut through the line. Violations of these rules may result in your loss of ride and slide privileges or expulsion. Please respect others and don't line jump.

Lockers: Self-Serve Single Turn Lockers – located next to the Fudge Kitchen in the amusement park and in Water World. All Day Rental Lockers – located in Water World next to the Locker House. Three different sizes of lockers are available; Large - $10, Medium - $8, and Small - $6. (All-Day Lockers require $4 deposit that is refunded when key is returned.)

Lost Children: Visiting with small children? If you're carrying a cell phone during your visit, please pick up free Phone Find wristbands (at Guest Services) for them to wear. Simply print your cell phone number on the wristband and instruct your child to got to a Waldameer Employee if he or she gets separated from you. We'll call you and get you and your child reunited.

Lost & Found: Two locations, at Guest Services next to the Merry-Go-Round for the amusement park and the Water World office located on the backside of the Bath House adjacent to the Comet in Water World. Waldameer is not responsible for any lost or stolen items

Prohibited Items:

  • No Glass Containers
  • No Liquor or Wine
  • No Weapons or Sharp Objects
  • No Clothing with inappropriate language or graphics
  • No Profanity, Unruly Behavior, Running
  • No Bikes, Skateboards, Rollerblades, Wheeled Shoes
  • No Bare feet (except Water World)
  • No Smoking (except in designated areas)
  • No loud boom boxes/stereos

Paging Policy: We do not page for Guests.

Parking: All Parking is Free! We ask that you please do not leave any valuables in your car. Waldameer will not be responsible for damage or loss to personal property.

Pets: Your furry friends are permitted only in the Amusement Park (not Water World) on a short leash (under 6ft) and kept in control. You must clean up any pet messes. Please remember to give your Pet plenty of water during your visit and NEVER leave Pets in a hot vehicle unattended!  A doggie drinking fountain is located at the restrooms next to the Steel Dragon spinning coaster. Service Animals are permitted in both the Amusement Park and Water World.

Rain Policy & Inclement Weather: Some rides and slides may close temporarily during periods of heavy rain, high winds or lightning. These attractions re-open once the weather has cleared. Rain Checks are not offered.

Rest Rooms: The amusement park has four restroom locations: under the Park Office, next to the Dodgems, by Middle I picnic grove, and next to the Steel Dragon spinning coaster. Water World’s restrooms are located inside the Bath House and next to the Wave Pool. All restrooms have changing tables. Restrooms located next to the Steel Dragon and next to the Wave Pool have family rooms. (NOTE: the Restrooms next to Middle I grove are only open on busy days)

Rider Safety Guidelines: Pennsylvania State laws and ride manufacturers regulate attraction’s accessibility. Restrictions are based on height and size requirements as well as health guidelines. Please follow these rules to ensure a safe experience for you and others. Observe the rider requirements posted at each ride. Please observe the ride in operation to decide if the ride is suitable for you or your family. Click here for list of height restrictions.

Rider Responsibility: Pennsylvania Law states that riders of amusement and waterpark attractions are responsible for obeying rules and acting responsibly. Click here for the PA Amusement Rider Safety and Liability Act.

Ride Assessibillity: Most attractions and facilities are accessible. In order to go on an attraction, you must be mentally alert, able to hold on as required without any assistance and be able to enter and exit a vehicle without any help from Waldameer staff. Attractions have restrictions based on height and/or size as well as physical or medical conditions. Signs are posted at the entrance to each attraction that gives you guidelines about restrictions and safety. Please follow these rules to ensure a safe experience for you and others. Decide before your ride. Watch the ride in operation and read all warnings before you determine whether a particular ride is suitable for you.


Read our Accessibility Guide.

Smoking Policy: Waldameer is Smoke Free, including e-cigarettes or vapor cigarettes, except in five designated areas: next to the Steel Dragon, in front of the Ali Baba, near the North End, and near Bermuda Triangle in Water World. View our Park Map.

Strollers, Wheelchairs & Wagons: Adult strollers, wheelchairs and convenient pull-behind carry wagons are available for rent at the Balloon Dart and Lily Pond midway games located behind the Merry-Go-Round Ticket Booths.


Wally Cards: Waldameer's currency is called Wally Points. You can purchase Wally points for $1.00 each. The points get loaded on to a Wally Card that you can spend everywhere in the Park (except for ride & slide wristbands). You can purchase Wally Cards at our Ticket Booths, Guest Services and any of our 14 Yellow Wally Card Kiosks locations throughout the park.  Click Here for more information.


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