Coasters & Thrillers

Roller coasters and thrill rides take center stage at Waldameer! From the incredible world-class Ravine Flyer II to the dizzying heights of The XScream drop tower, Waldameer delivers white-knuckled excitement. The park’s four distinct dynamic coasters along with a great variety of thrill rides will get your heart pounding!

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Ravine Flyer II

4.5 points or appropriate wristband

The most exciting one and a half minutes of your day, the Ravine Flyer II is ranked 7th Best Wooden Coaster in the world. The steel support structure boasts a 120’ first drop, over 3000’ feet of track, speeds over 60mph, all combined with 6 tunnels and a 165’ arched bridge that sends you soaring over a 4-lane highway! DARE, FLY, Earn Your Wings!

Steel Dragon

4.5 points or appropriate wristband

Spinsane fun on this cutting edge steel coaster. Its free spinning cars travel through steep valleys, high-banked turns, and slalom courses resulting in an exciting unpredictable experience.


3 points or appropriate wristband

Built in 1951, the Comet is one of 20 ACE Coaster Classics in the world. It will give you a ride back in time to those nostalgic “good ol’ days”! A 45’ hill and 1,400 feet of winding track through a grove of trees keeps riders coming back!

Ravine Flyer 3

3 points or appropriate wristband

A kiddie steel coaster for the whole family. With a 13’ drop and 330’ of track, the Ravine Flyer 3 travels twice over a man-made pond and under the Ferris Wheel. A great ride to add to your perfect day at Waldameer.

Thunder River

4.5 points or appropriate wristband

The wettest ride in the amusement park, Thunder River is one of the finest log flume rides in the entire country. 4-man logs carry you through rapids, a fog tunnel with thunder & lightning, up hills ending with the final plunge down a 45°, forty foot drop into the splash pool below!

Music Express

4 points or appropriate wristband

New in 2013, the Music Express sends you spinning on a circular wave track featuring some great Top 40 hits and a spectacular LED light display. But don't let go yet! This ride spins you backward too! Hang on tight and get ready to spin like a CD!


3 points or appropriate wristband

Climb to dizzying heights on our 140’ drop tower thriller! Feel the butterflies as you ascend, then free-fall back down to earth. It’s a scream!

Mega Vortex

3 points or appropriate wristband

Added in 2009, this futuristic ride let's you spin n’ soar sitting motorcycle style on a rotating disc with 23 other thrill seekers. Unique 120’ half-pipe style track reaching heights of 50’. It's unlike anything else!

Ali Baba

3 points or appropriate wristband

This amazing ride will take you sailing into the air seven stories high where you’ll swoop down and around changing directions until you glide back to earth. Ali Baba, Waldameer’s mythical blast from the past!

Sea Dragon

3 points or appropriate wristband

Sail over mystical seas and rolling waves aboard Waldameer’s Viking Ship. Swinging ever higher to a 65 degree angle while changing directions, experience zero gravity on this fantastic ride!