Showtime Theater

Each Live Show is performed twice daily at the Showtime Theater Stage next to the Pirate’s Cove. Visit our Park Calendar to view showtimes.

Meet and Greet with Wally and Wendy Bear

Get your cameras ready, it's time to meet and greet Wally and Wendy Bear! Hugs, high fives, and special memories are about to be made as the young and young at heart spend a few moments with Waldameer's special stars! It's Meet and Greet with Wally and Wendy Bear!

Kid's Comedy Show Starring Wally and Wendy Bear

Your favorite Waldameer friends are sure to have you in stitches as they proudly present, “Wally and Wendy Bear’s Kids Comedy Show!” This zany crew of comedians will lead the way with acts of silliness and nonstop laughs! Come on down and help them out by being the laugh meter for the show! It’s,
Kid's Comedy Show Starring Wally and Wendy Bear!

Turn Up the Heat

The Showtime Theater is about to be hotter than ever as Frankie and Annette meet Fergie and Will.I.Am. in this sizzling explosion of music! Classic summer hits are given a contemporary makeover as the old sounds of summer mash together with current pop culture to create a totally new, unique sound! You won't wanna miss this creative and totally hot celebration of's TURN UP THE HEAT!

Faith & Freedom: Songs Inspired by Hope

Country, pop, and gospel hits come together in a song and dance show that is sure to inspire guests of all ages. Songs of faith and stories of freedom will lift up your heart and fill your soul with song. Don’t miss, FAITH & FREEDOM: SONGS INSPIRED BY HOPE