Showtime Theater

Each Live Show is performed twice daily at the Showtime Theater Stage next to the Pirate’s Cove. Visit our Park Calendar to view showtimes.

Meet and Greet with Wally and Wendy Bear

Get your cameras ready, it's time to meet and greet Wally and Wendy Bear! Hugs, high fives, and special memories are about to be made as the young and young at heart spend a few moments with Waldameer's special stars! It's Meet and Greet with Wally and Wendy Bear!

Get Fit! With Wally and Wendy Bear

Get ready to move and groove with everyone’s favorite friends at Waldameer! Follow along while Wally and Wendy Bear get your heart rate up and your body in tip top shape as they show everyone at Waldameer just how fun physical fitness can be! It's time to sweat as we all Get Fit! With Wally and Wendy Bear.

Rockin' Roadhouse

Come on down and take a break from life at the Rockin' Roadhouse! Our roadhouse crew and regulars are here to entertain you and get your boots stompin'! From country classics to rockin' hits, there's always a hoedown at the Rockin' Roadhouse!

Raise Your Voice

Throughout time, music has been used to inspire and uplift the world. Experience the power of musical healing as we journey through the years with songs of hope. Sit back, sing along, and smile as our delightful cast invites you to Raise Your Voice!