Ride Information

For the safety of all our guests, safety restrictions are strictly enforced on all attractions. Each ride manufacturer determines each attraction’s height restrictions, which are enforced by Pennsylvania State Law.

Please read and obey the signs posted at each attraction.These signs provide guidelines and restrictions for the safety of you, the operator, and other guests. Additional fun & safety information can be found at the bottom of this page.

Please read our Accessibility Guide 

Height Restrictions & Ride Points

Ride NameTo Ride with SC*To Ride AloneRide Points Required**Opening Time
Normal Hours***
Kiddie Rides (that accommodate parents)
 Big Rigs 30″ 36″ 2 1:00 pm
 Frog Hopper — 30″ 1.5 12:00 pm
 Happy Swing 31″ 36″ (max 73″) 2 12:00 pm
 SS Wally 30″ 42″ 2 12:00 pm
 Kiddie Rides (Maximum Rider Height 54″)
 Lil’ Toot — 30″ 1.5 12:00 pm
 Pony Carts — 30″ 1.5 12:00 pm
 Sky Fighter — 30″ 1.5 12:00 pm
 Umbrella Ride — 30″ 1.5 12:00 pm
 Wet Boats — 30″ 1.5 12:00 pm
Family Rides
Balloon Race 30″ 36″ 2 12:00 pm
 Dodgem 42″ 48″ 3 12:00 pm
 Ferris Wheel
*No Single Riders
 30″ *42″ 4 1:00 pm
 Flying Swings 36″ 48″ 3 12:00 pm

*Infants may ride on
SC lap in chariot

 30″ 42″ 3 12:00 pm
 Paratrooper 36″ 46″ 3 1:00 pm
 Pirates Cove 30″ 42″ 3 1:00 pm
 Scrambler 36″ 48″ 3 12:00 pm
 Sky Ride 36″ 46″ 3 12:00 pm
 Spider 36″ 46″ 3 1:00 pm
 Tilt-A-Whirl 36″ 46″ 3 1:00 pm
*Infant may ride in lap of SC
 None 42″ 3 1:00 pm
 Wendy’s Tea Party 30″ 36″ 2 1:00 pm
 Whacky Shack 30″ 42″ 3 12:00 pm
Coasters & Thrill Rides
 Ali Baba — 42″ 3 1:00 pm
 Chaos — 48″ 4 1:00 pm
 Comet 36″ 46″ 3 12:00 pm
 Mega Vortex — 48″ 3 1:00 pm
 Music Express — 52″ 4 1:00 pm
 Ravine Flyer II — 48″ 4.5 1:00 pm
 Ravine Flyer 3 — 40″ 3 1:00 pm
 Sea Dragon 36″ 48″ 3 12:00 pm
 Steel Dragon 46″ 50″ (max 78″) 4.5 1:00 pm
 Thunder River 36″ 42″ 4.5 1:00 pm
 Wipeout                                 *Children cannot sit alone — *42″ 3 12:00 pm
 X-Scream — 48″ 3 12:00 pm
 Water World
 Battle of Lake Erie No handheld infants wristband only 11:00am
 Kidz Slide Zone Reserved exclusively for children 54″ and under wristband only 11:00 am
 Kidz Spray Zone Reserved for children and their parents/guardians wristband only 11:00 am
 Cannon Bowl 42″ 48″ wristband only 11:00 am
 Endless River Accompanied 42″ wristband only 11:00 am
 Heated Relaxing Pool 30″ 48″ wristband only 11:00 am
 Giant Heated Relaxing Pool 30″ 48″ wristband only 11:00 am
 Awesome Twosome 42″ 48″ wristband only 11:00 am
 Bermuda Triangle — 42″ wristband only 11:00 am
 Lake Erie Dip — 42″ wristband only 11:00 am
 Liquid Lightning 42″ 48″ wristband only 11:00 am
 Presque Isle Plunge — 42″ wristband only 11:00 am
 Raging River — 42″ wristband only 11:00 am
 Wild River — 42″ wristband only 11:00 am
 Free Fall Slide — 48″ wristband only 12:00 pm
 Speed Slide — 48″ wristband only 12:00 pm
 Giant Wave PoolUnder 48″ must be with SC wristband only 11:00 am

*Supervising Companion (SC): A Supervising Companion meets the ride criteria, is qualified to understand rider instructions, and is able to assist the child in complying with the rider instructions.

**Ride Points Required: Ride points are needed if you DO NOT have a wristband – Use our Wally Cards. An appropriate wristband eliminates the need for ride points.

***Opening Time: Based on our Normal Operating Hours starting on Monday June 10, 2019. Rides open on a progressive basis, some at noon and the rest at 1:00 pm. Operating Hours and Ride Opening Times vary Mid May through Mid June.

Restrictions & Guidelines

Kiddieland Rides

Children must be able to walk on their own to ride Kiddieland rides.

Waldameer Dress Code

Guests must wear shirt, shoes, and pants or shorts while in the amusement park and riding amusement park attractions. No bathing suits are allowed to be worn on our amusement rides.

Water World Dress Code

Approved swimwear must be worn and must be modest in design, properly lined and gender appropriate. No revealing swimsuits allowed. Swimsuits with rivets or sharp pieces are not allowed. Swim shoes or aqua socks are allowed (must have a heel strap and stay on your feet) on water slides. Sunglasses and prescription glasses must be taken off or secured by a glasses strap (available in our Swim Shop). Children in diapers must wear swim diapers (available for purchase in our Swim Shop). We ask that all diapers be changed in our restrooms where changing tables are located. Guests must change into street clothes (shoes, shirt and pants or shorts) before returning to Waldameer. Showers and changing rooms are provided and rental lockers available. Casts are not allowed on water slides.

Line Jumping

Waldameer does not allow any form of line jumping. Line jumping includes: leaving and returning for any reason; holding a spot for someone else; joining someone already in line; jumping any fences or chains; cutting through the line. Violations of these rules may result in your loss of ride and slide privileges or expulsion. Please respect others and don't line jump.

Rider Safety Guidelines

Pennsylvania State laws regulate attraction’s accessibility. Restrictions are based on height and size requirements as well as health guidelines. Please follow these rules to ensure a safe experience for you and others. Observe the rider requirements posted at each ride. Please observe the ride in operation to decide if the ride is suitable for you or your family.

Rider Responsibility

Pennsylvania Law states that riders of amusement & waterpark attractions are responsible for obeying rules and acting responsibly.

Riders – Guests with Disabilities

Most attractions and facilities are accessible. In order to go on an attraction, you must be mentally alert, able to hold on as required without any assistance, and be able to enter and exit a vehicle without any help from Waldameer staff. Attractions have restrictions based on height and/or size as well as physical or medical conditions. Signs are posted at the entrance to each attraction that gives you guidelines about restrictions and safety. Casts are allowed on all rides as long as they do not hinder the rider's ability to hold on as required without any assistance. Water World does not allow hard/plaster type casts on any large slide attractions. Hard casts are allowed in the Heated Relaxing Pool and Endless River. Please follow these rules to ensure a safe experience for you and others. Decide before your ride. Watch the ride in operation and read all warnings before you determine whether a particular ride is suitable for you.