Kiddie Rides

For your little ones, Waldameer has the rides they’ll love. Some rides are part of your memories and others are newer attractions, but both will delight your kids today. Get those cameras ready! Fun and smiles for our young guests abound!

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Big Rigs

2 points or appropriate wristband

The Big Rigs is designed to allow parents or older siblings to ride with the children. The five trucks are connected together and travel twice around a winding, energized track through trees and a tunnel.

Frog Hopper

1.5 points or appropriate wristband

Slowly rise 18' up the tower, then act like a frog and hop your way down to the ground. Parents and older siblings can ride with the young ones on this very popular ride, hopping up and down the tower several times.

Happy Swing

2 points or appropriate wristband

Swing to your hearts content! Children and adults alike can fly back and forth over Kiddieland and the Ravine Flyer 3.

Lil' Toot

1.5 points or appropriate wristband

Watch your child test their arm strength as they propel their way along the railroad-style track, and be prepared to help push the little ones! These hand-powered cars are themed as small locomotive engines.

Pony Cart

1.5 points or appropriate wristband

The little ones love this one! As they are pulled by ponies in a chariot, the ponies bounce up and down on eccentric wheels. No need to feed these ponies!

Sky Fighter

1.5 points or appropriate wristband

Junior pilots, come give this ride a spin! Kids delight in these blue “jets” as they travel around and around and up in the air.

SS Wally

2 points or appropriate wristband

Take a ride on Wally Bear's very own tug boat, the SS Wally! Kids will love to ride with their parents or older siblings as they whirl and twirl on the open seas!

Umbrella Ride

1.5 points or appropriate wristband

This classic children’s ride has six vehicles: Dune Buggy, Fire Engine, Dual Motorcycles, Snowmobile, and Sports Car. As the vehicles rotate counterclockwise at about 7rpm, the large umbrella overhead rotates clockwise, giving the illusion of greater speed to thrill the kids.

Wendy's Tea Party

2 points or appropriate wristband

Join Waldameer's very own Wendy Bear for a cup of tea! Sit with all your family or friends in large Tea Cups as you control the direction and speed of your spin. Watch the world spin by in a colorful blur!

Wet Boats

1.5 points or appropriate wristband

Young skippers will enjoy taking a smooth boat trip in their own motor boats.

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