Water World

Water World Ranked 9th Best in the U.S. by TripAdvisor

Water World is a beautiful water park with unique variety of slides and attractions for all ages. With 19 slides of different thrill levels, the all new Kidz Zone for little ones, a refreshing Endless River, soothing Heated Relaxing Pool, and the Tri-State area’s largest Wave Pool! Water World has liquid fun for everyone!

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The CannonBOWL has all the twists and turns you expect in a tube slide, plus a giant bowl at the end that spins you round and round before shooting out the middle into the splash pool! Get ready to experience a real spin-cycle!

Giant Wave Pool

Water World's Giant Wave Pool is filled with endless fun for the whole family! Holding almost 500,000 gallons and accommodating up to 1,000 people, this wave pool is the largest in the tri-state area. With 4' high waves and zero-depth entry, this gigantic pool will keep everyone cooled off on hot summer days!

Awesome Twosome

A very popular water attraction, this fully enclosed tube slide will send you screaming through the twists and turns before splashing into the pool below! Go it alone or on a double inner tube with a friend, either way you won’t want it to end!

Bermuda Triangle

Three totally separate enclosed body slides start off a tower and all end up in the same splash pool. The center tube is a straight drop, the two side tubes are mirror images of each other and make one winding circle before ending in the splash pool. Try them all!

Endless River

Refresh and relax on an inner tube and float along the Endless River, winding its way through Water World. Encounter various water attractions and elements as you go.

Free Fall Slide

Starting at a height of 47', dare to take an exciting 228' long plunge down Speed Slide! This is the fastest slides in Water World, giving you an experience similar to free falling.

Heated Relaxing Pool

Take a break and warm up in our Giant Hot Tub! This pool can accommodate up to 42 people. It is filled with approximately 98°F water and is a great place to get revitalized.

Liquid Lightning

Enter the unknown! A completely enclosed slide designed for single and double passenger inner tubes. It has sections of nearly complete darkness, and a waterfall curtain at the beginning of the final run into the splash pool.

Speed Slide

Test your courage down this steep body slide, which contains several humps and gives you an exciting fast ride to the run-out trough below. Check out the awesome view from the top of the slide before you take off!

Lake Erie Dip

A twisting, turning body slide that’s a definite thrill. This is the sister to Presque Isle Plunge – you’ll need to try them both!

Presque Isle Plunge

A twisting, turning body slide that’s a definite thrill. This is the sister to Lake Erie Dip – you’ll need to try them both!

Raging River

A big 54" open waterflume slide is the hallmark of our breathtaking and thrilling water slides. Experience this monster alone on a single inner tube or take someone with you on one of our double inner tubes.

Wild River

It's a "wild" ride down the Wild River, an open single tube slide! Twist & turn and slide all the way to the splash pool below!

Kidz Zone

This kids area features eight new colorful slides! Wade into the water and cool off your toes, or splash around in the Spray Zone, featuring over 30 interactive water jets and fountains!

Battle of Lake Erie

This new family water complex features 103 water attractions, including seven slides and a 400-gallon tipping bucket! Located next to Water World’s Kidz Zone, this new area will also include walkways featuring historical locations and references to the Battle of Lake Erie and Erie’s role in the War of 1812. The design will also feature Erie’s tall ship, the U.S. Brig Niagara, atop the 40-foot-high structure!