Consignment Tickets

Our Consignment Ticket Program is a great way to offer our All-Day Combo Pass at a great price! Many local credit unions, hospitals, and hotels take advantage of our Consignment Program to offer incentives to their members, giveaways to their clients, or create unbeatable overnight packages. Our Consignment Tickets are the best discount we offer on our All-Day Combo Passes that are good any day of the 2019 season!

“Thank you for including our office in your Consignment Ticket Program. The program is a great way for us to help our members save money. Hope you had a great year and looking forward to being a part of your program next year.”

– Pamela W., Mountain Laurel Federal Credit Union, Bradford, PA

“Thank you for allowing us to again participate in your consignment ticket selling process. Our employees appreciate being able to purchase your tickets ahead of time at the reduced rate.”
– Gary W., Corry Memorial Hospital, Corry, PA

How the Program Works

  • Complete a Consignment Sales Agreement Form and email it to our office.
  • Get your initial starting quantity of tickets.
  • A minimum of 10 ticket sales is required to participate.
  • We will provide you with free colored posters, flyers and brochures.
  • Then simply sell or distribute the tickets to your employees, members, clients, etc.
  • Return unused tickets and receive full credit.
  • The final balance due is determined by the total number of tickets you have received minus the number of tickets you return by the due date (or the minimum of 15).
48″ & OverUnder 48″
Consignment Ticket Pricing
Consignment All-Day Combo Pass

Good Any Day of the 2019 Season!

$36.50     Save $5.00!$28.50     Save $3.00!

Download our Consignment Sales Agreement Form to get started!