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Private Picnic Groves

Yours for the entire day.

Reserving one of our private picnic groves ensures your Group will have a beautiful setting to gather, eat, and enjoy your day at Waldameer & Water World.

Private Picninc Groves at Waldameer

Picnic Grove Information

Picnic Grove Grove Deposit* with catered meal Grove Deposit + Rental Fee** without catered meal Weekday/Weekend
Tunnel I or II $150.00 $150 + $35 20/30 Combos
Coaster I, II $200.00 $200 + $50 25/50 Combos
Train I, II, III or Middle II $225.00 $225 + $75 25/75 Combos
Eastern II, III, IV, or Pine
$275.00 $275 + $100 30/125 Combos
Lakeview or Middle I $350.00 $350 + $150 35/160 Combos
 Southern II or West Lakeview $400.00 $400 + $150 50/185 Combos
 Pine Hill or Merry-Go-Round $450.00 $450 + $175 75/300 Combos
 Southern I or West Ballroom $700.00 $700 + $175 150/500 Combos
 Rainbow Gardens $1,250.00 $1,250 + $175 400/750 Combos

Picnic Groves must be reserved with contract returned and deposit + rental fee paid at least 7 days in advance of outing.

*Grove Deposit: Must be paid in advance when signing and returning your Picnic Contract. Deposit amount is refunded upon meeting the purchase requirement of Group Combo Passes for shelter rented or when using our catering services.

**Rental Fee: Applies only to Groups without a catered meal. Must be paid in advance when signing and returning your Picnic Contract. This Rental Fee amount is non-refundable.

***Weekday/Weekend Requirement: Minimum number of Group Combo Passes purchase requirement to rent shelter. When requirement is met by non-catered groups, the Grove Deposit is refunded.

No. of Combo Passes Purchased Cost per Combo Pass with Reserved Picnic Grove
20-99 $33.00
100-499 $31.00
500 and up $30.00

*Group Rate Hours for Water World on Weekends are 1:00pm – 7:00pm. If you desire to enter Water World at 11:00am on a Saturday or Sunday, your entire group must have special tickets that cost $1.00 above your Discounted Combo Pass Rate.

Hours vary Mid May through Mid June – see our Park Calendar for operating schedule. Hours may may change based on Weather and Attendance.

Call us at 814-838-3591 to reserve your outing!

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