School Ticket Program

Make Learning Fun

The Waldameer School Program offers a great opportunity to reward students, bring the school community together, and more!


2021: School Combo Passes are now valid on days we are open August 16-Labor Day. Please check our calendar before visiting.

Waldameer Park

School Combo Passes are Great For…

  • An exciting gift for graduating classes

  • Parent-Teacher Group organized ticket sale & school picnic

  • Class outings

How the Program Works

2021 School Rates Under and Over 48″ are All One Price
All Day School Combo Pass (Must be sold in advance)  $22.50     Save 50% off regular price of $45.00
20-Point School Ride Card (For individual rides only)  $10.00     Save 50% off regular price of $20.00


  • No minimum requirements – return unused tickets.
  • No advance payments required.
  • FREE reserved picnic shelter.
  • FREE flyers printed to announce your outing.
  • School Combos, School Ride Cards, & Lunch Special tickets honored during May, June and August 16th thru Labor Day.
  • School Combos may be sold at cost or be used as a creative fund-raiser.
  • School Combos are honored in future seasons during valid school days with $1.00 upgrade at Admission Booths.
  • School Combos cannot be sold on Waldameer property.
  • All parking is FREE!

School Lunch Special

  • Your Price: $6.00 (includes 6% PA sales tax).
  • Includes Smith’s hot dog, potato chips, 16 oz. soft drink.
  • Served at Grill Section of Main Refreshment Stand.
  • Must Be Sold in Advance.

School Music Performance Program

2021 School Performance Rate Under and Over 48″ are All One Price
All Day School Combo Pass (Must be sold in advance)  $15.50     Save 67%
  • Reserved exclusively for band, choir & other music students who perform at our Park.
  • Two ½ hour performances required.
  • Non-performing students receive our School Combo Pass rate of $22.50 each.
  • Must Be Sold in Advance.

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