Concessions & Food

Waldameer’s 17 Quick-Service Concession Stands offers a whole variety delicious snacks and food to make sure you and your family never go hungry! From tasty burgers, fresh hot pizza, and crispy shoe-string french fries to delicious funnel cakes, homemade fudge, and creamy soft serve ice cream, Waldameer has just the food you’re craving!

Waldameer will continue to improve our focus on providing information and training regarding Guests with special dietary needs. The Full Menu links below for each food stand and list some relative food allergy and gluten information. We of course urge you to use your best judgement relative to the consumption of any Waldameer Concession item, but myself or one of my Assistant Managers will be happy to review any concern or ingredient listing. Please just ask to speak with us through any Concession Team Member or at Guest Services during your visit. We look forward to serving you and your family!

Mike Martin
Food & Beverage Director

Waldameer’s Souvenir Cup Deal!

178634.1.aiNeed to quench your thirst? Waldameer offers a variety of Pepsi products throughout the park! And with Waldameer’s Souvenir Cup Deal, you never have to go thirsty again! The Souvenir Cup Deal includes $0.99 refills all summer long!

Waldameer Concession Stands

The Main Concession Center: Located in the North Center of the Park across from the Whacky Shack & Gift Houses and just past the Midway Games building. The Center is divided into five sections each featuring tempting tasty items!

  • Grill Section – Craving a cheeseburger? How about a bucket of fries? The Grill Section has it all! Located across from the Whacky Shack entrance, this is the place for great American eating! See Full Menu.
  • Ice Cream Section – You won’t have to scream for this ice cream! Just visit the Ice Cream Section to satisfy your sweet tooth. From ice cream sandwiches to sno-cones to classic soft serve ice cream, visit the Ice Cream section across from the Spider ride for a cool sweet treat! See Full Menu.
  • Pizza Section – Waldameer’s pizza is irresistible! The Pizza Section has all sorts of hot foods like nachos, giant pretzels, and a variety of oven-baked subs. Located across from the Gift House, this is the place for great pizza pies! See Full Menu.
  • Waffle Section – Located across from the Ring-A-Bottle midday game, there is no better place to get a fresh, warm funnel cake or french waffle! Topped with powdered sugar or cinnamon sugar, these treats are great to share with your friends or family! See Full Menu.
  • Candy Section – The Candy Section boasts all kinds of sweet and salty snacks! Cotton Candy, candy apples, buttered popcorn, and roasted peanuts are just some of the yummy options for you to munch on! Across from the Ali Baba entrance, come on over…you’ll be glad you did! See Full Menu.
  • Potato Patch – Waldameer’s Natural Fresh Cut Fries are everyone’s favorite! Located next to the Paratrooper, the Potato Patch offers burgers, natural cut fries, Perry’s Ice Cream, and other great foods. See Full Menu.
  • Carousel Sub Shop – Offering a variety of hot and cold subs. See Full Menu!
  • Lemonade Stand There is nothing better than an ice cold, fresh squeezed lemonade on a hot summer day! The Lemonade Stand, next to the Tilt-A-Whirl, has delicious lemonade crushed-ice shakes and cinnamon-sugar roasted almonds for a great summer snack! See Full Menu.
  • Elephant Ear Stand – Located in front of the Sea Dragon, the Elephant Ear Stand has great big slabs of deep fried dough! Covered in cinnamon or powdered sugar, these go great with a tall cup of Siberian Chill slushies! See Full Menu.
  • X-Scream Snack Shack – The X-Scream Snack Shack is your one stop shop for a variety of delicious finger foods and sweet treats! Chicken Tenders, Mozzarella Sticks, Curly Fries, Funnel-Cake Fries and Dippin’ Dot Floats & Sundaes are all an order away! See Full Menu.
  • Dippin’ Dot Kiosks  Any where you are, you won’t be far from one of Waldameer’s three Dippin’ Dot Carts! Offering a variety of flavors, this futuristic spin on ice cream is a fun treat for kids and kids at heart! See Full Menu (same for all three locations)
    • Steel Dragon Dippin Dots at the Steel Dragon
    • Ravine Flyer II Dippin Dots at the Ravine Flyer
    • Zeke’s Shack Dippin Dots
  • Cookie House: Located in Kiddieland, the Cookie House has plenty of freshly baked cookies and brownies that rival grandma’s kitchen! Choose from a delicious variety of cookies, brownies, and candies to give you that sugar rush! See Full Menu.
  • Fudge Kitchen: Across from Guest Services, the Fudge Kitchen has dozens of treats from handmade fudge to chocolate dipped strawberries, cookies, pretzels, and more! With so many choices, you’ll be sure to find what your tummy desires! See Full Menu.
  • Vending Machines: Proudly serving Pepsi Products, we have four (4) machines that dispense 20oz bottles. Two machines are located at the Ravine Flyer II entrance and two machines are at the Elephant Ear Stand by the Sea Dragon. See Full Menu.

Water World Concession Stands

  • Sundeck Cafe – You don’t have to leave Water World to get all your favorite Potato Patch foods! Just visit the Sundeck Cafe for a great burger, hot dog, natural cut fries, or hand-dipped ice cream. Located by the Water World entrance, make this a stop for great America eating! See Full Menu.
  • Waveside Grill – Water World’s newest food center, the Waveside Grill is located next to the Giant Wave Pool and offers the very best of Waldameer’s most popular treats as well as delicious meals and entrees from 1/3 pound fresh chuck burgers to deep fried shrimp baskets. Everyone will find something to satisfy their hunger at the Waveside Grill! See Full Menu.

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