Online Discount Program

Our Online Discount Program is the easiest way to offer discounted All-Day Combo Passes to your employees, members, or clients! There is no hassle handling tickets, and no deposit or payment, your employees, members, or clients purchase the discounted passes on their own. You just provide them with your special code!

Many businesses, organizations, and hospitals love our Online Discount program to provide their employees a great discount on summer fun at Waldameer! Use the program as an incentive, reward, bonus, or just show your appreciation for your employees, members, or clients by offering them your very own Online Discount.

Download our Online Discount Code Agreement Form.

How the Program Works

  • Complete our Online Discount Code Agreement Form and email it to our office.
  • Once your Form is processed, we will email you your unique Discount Code with instructions on how to redeem
  • Offer the code to your employees, members, or clients and let them purchase their discounted passes on their own
48″ & Over Under 48″
Online Discount Code Pricing
Online Discount Code

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 $37.50     Save $4.00! $29.50     Save $2.00!

Employees, Members, and Clients with an Online Discount Code

If you have an Online Discount Code that you wish to use, visit our Online Store to purchase your discounted All-Day Combo passes! Just click “Promo Code” and enter your code to see the great discounts you can receive!

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