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Cashless is cleaner, faster, and safer!

Children on water slide at Waldameer Park

Cashless Information

All purchases inside the Waldameer & Water World require a credit/debit card, Google/Apple Pay, and/or Wally Card. Cash is only accepted at Admissions, Guest Service, and Wally Card kiosks. Accepted credit/debit cards are Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

Park Payment Methods


Wally Card Gift Card Credit/Debit Card Google/Apple Pay Cash Ride Points Card
Admission Booths   YES YES YES YES  
Concessions YES YES YES YES    
Games/Arcade YES YES        
Gift/Swim Shops YES YES YES YES    
Guest Service   YES YES YES YES  
Locker House YES YES YES YES    
Kiosks     YES YES YES  
Rides YES YES       YES

Wally Card Information

  • 1.00 Wally Point = $1.00.
  • Can be purchased/recharged at kiosks, Guest Service, and Admissions.
  • May not be used for Admission purchases or Cabana/Umbrella rentals.
  • Remaining balances are non-refundable. Exact amounts can be loaded onto Wally Cards at Guest Service and Admissions.
  • Remaining balances never expire or lose value due to inactivity.
  • Multiple members of a party may share a Wally Card.
  • Bulk purchases over $25 earn complementary Bonus Points (see below).
  • Save your receipt! If a Wally Card is lost, a new card can be issued with the remaining balance at Guest Service.

Bonus Points

When you purchase 25 or more Wally Points at a time, you earn FREE Bonus points! Bonus Points can be used for games and individual rides only.

Wally Points Purchased Bonus Points
25 2
50 5
75 10
100 15

Please Note: Bonus point balances do not appear on receipts from concessions, retail, and admissions areas.

Wally Card Purchases

Wally Cards available for purchase in the following locations. No extra fees or service charges for a new card.

  • Yellow kiosks throughout amusement park and Water World
  • Admissions
  • Guest Service
  • Online Store

Remember to redeem your online Wally Card at Admissions before using it!

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