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Ravine Flyer 3 roller coaster at Waldameer.

Cashless Information

All purchases inside the Waldameer & Water World require a credit/debit card, Google/Apple Pay, and/or Wally Card. Cash is only accepted at Admissions, Guest Service, and Wally Card kiosks. Accepted credit/debit cards are Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

Park Payment Methods


Wally Card Gift Card Credit/Debit Card Google/Apple Pay Cash Ride Points Card
Admission Booths   YES YES YES YES  
Concessions YES YES YES YES    
Games/Arcade YES YES        
Gift/Swim Shops YES YES YES YES    
Guest Service   YES YES YES YES  
Locker House YES YES YES YES    
Kiosks     YES YES YES  
Rides YES YES       YES

Wally Card Information

  • 1.00 Wally Point = $1.00.
  • Purchase Online in advance, or purchase/recharge at yellow kiosks, Admissions, or Guest Service.
  • May not be used for Admission purchases or Cabana/Umbrella rentals.
  • Remaining balances are non-refundable. Exact amounts can be loaded onto Wally Cards at Guest Service and Admissions.
  • Remaining balances never expire or lose value due to inactivity.
  • Multiple members of a party may share a Wally Card.
  • Bulk purchases over $25 earn complementary Bonus Points (see below).
  • Save your receipt! If a Wally Card is lost, a new card can be issued with the remaining balance at Guest Service.

Bonus Points

When you purchase 25 or more Wally Points at a time, you earn FREE Bonus points! Bonus Points can be used for games and individual rides only.

Regular Points Bonus Points Total Points Cost
 1  0  1  $1.00
 25  2  27  $25.00
 50  5  55  $50.00
 75  10  85  $75.00
 100  15  115  $100.00

Please Note: Bonus point balances do not appear on receipts from concessions, retail, and admissions areas.