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Grill Section

Craving a cheeseburger? How about a bucket of fries? The Grill Section has it all! Located across from the Whacky Shack entrance, this is the place for great American eating!

Ice Cream Section

You won’t have to scream for this ice cream! Just visit the Ice Cream Section to satisfy your sweet tooth. From ice cream sandwiches to sno-cones to classic soft serve ice cream, visit the Ice Cream section across from the Whacky Shack for a cool sweet treat!

Pizza Section

Waldameer’s pizza is irresistible! The Pizza Section by the Big Rigs has all sorts of hot foods like nachos, giant pretzels, and pepperoni balls.

Waffle & Funnel Cake Section

Located across from the Ring-A-Bottle game, there is no better place to get a fresh, warm funnel cake or french waffle! Topped with powdered sugar or cinnamon sugar, these treats are great to share with your friends or family!

Candy & Popcorn Section

The Candy & Popcorn Section by Whirlwind boasts all kinds of sweet and salty snacks! Cotton Candy, candy apples, fresh-squeezed lemonade, buttered popcorn, and roasted peanuts are just some of the yummy options for you to munch on!

Potato Patch

Waldameer’s Natural Fresh Cut Fries are everyone’s favorite! Located next to the Paratrooper, the Potato Patch offers burgers, Smith’s hotdogs, and fresh-cut fries with several toppings available.


Personal pizzas, specialty pretzels, and more at the Pizza-Go-Round located in the Merry-Go-Round building next to Comet!

XScream Snack Shack

The XScream Snack Shack is your one stop shop for a variety of delicious foods! Chicken Tenders, fried chicken sandwiches, loaded tater tots, and tasty elephant ears are all an order away!

Dippin’ Dots

Any where you are, you won’t be far from one of Waldameer’s three Dippin’ Dot Carts! Offering a variety of flavors, this futuristic spin on ice cream is a fun treat for kids and kids at heart!