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Admission Rates

A variety of admission options to plan the perfect fun-filled day. Save time & money when you purchase your Combo Passes or Season Passes online!

Admission Policy

Waldameer is proud to offer free general admission into the amusement park. Ride admission is available by purchasing an all-day wristband (Ride-A-Rama or Combo Pass) or paying for rides individually using a Wally Card (see information below). Hand-held infants under 30″ RIDE FREE on L. Ruth Express train and on chariot of Merry-Go-Round with a paying parent/guardian.

All guests entering Water World, including spectators, require admission via single-day Water World Pass or Combo Pass wristband. Exceptions: Babies under 30″ tall and guests who are wheelchair-bound (non-ambulatory and unable to enter the water) do not require paid admission into Water World.

All-Day Wristband Pricing

2024 Season 48″ & Over Under 48″ & Senior 60+
Combo Pass Options: Unlimited Rides & Slides!
Season Pass

Visit Online Store to purchase

 $135.00 ($130 Online)  $109.00 ($104 Online)
1-Day Combo Pass
Purchase Online & SAVE up to $4.00!
$52.00 ($48 Online) $40.00 ($37 Online)
Evening Combo Pass

Sold after 5:00pm in park only

$36.00 $28.00
 Amusement Rides Only
1-Day Ride-A-Rama
Visit Online Store to purchase
$38.50 $27.00
Night Rider Ride-A-Rama

Sold after 5:00pm in park only

$28.00 $20.00
 Water World Only
1-Day Water World Pass
Visit Online Store to purchase
$36.00 $28.50*

*No charge for Water World admission for babies under 30″ tall.

Wally Cards

Waldameer is cashless, so any purchases inside the park require a Credit/Debit card or Wally Card. Our Wally Card acts just like a debit card, just charge it up with any amount you wish and use it over and over again every time you visit Waldameer. The points NEVER expire!

*Cash accepted only at Admission Booths, Guest Services, and Wally Card Kiosks.

  • 1 point = $1
  • Purchase any amount of Wally Points desired
  • Regular Wally Points can be used for Food, Midway Games, Arcade Cards, Retail areas, and Individual Rides
  • Bonus Points are valid for Midway Games and Individual Rides only
Regular Points Bonus Points Total Points Cost
 1  0  1  $1.00
 25  2  27  $25.00
 50  5  55  $50.00
 75  10  85  $75.00
 100  15  115  $100.00

Wally Cards can be Recharged and Points Never Expire!

Pay-Per-Ride Option

When you only plan to enjoy a few rides, using Wally Points for ride admission is the perfect way to save! Those riding with a Combo Pass or Ride-A-Rama wristband do not require Wally Points for ride admission. One point equals $1.

2 Points 2.5 Points 3.5 Points 4 Points 5 Points 5.5 Points
Frog Hopper

Lil’ Toot

Pony Carts

Sky Fighter

Umbrella Ride

Wet Boats

Big Rigs

Happy Swing

SS Wally

Wendy’s Tea Party

Balloon Race

Ali Baba


Flying Swings

Merry Go-Round


Pirate’s Cove

Ravine Flyer 3


Sea Dragon

Sky Ride




Whacky Shack




Comet Chaos

Ferris Wheel

Mega Vortex

Music Express

Ravine Flyer II

Steel Dragon

Thunder River

Attraction Availability

Ride and Water World attraction availability subject to weather, mechanical, and staffing conditions. Waldameer & Water World does not offer rainchecks or refunds due to closed attractions.

Inclement Weather

All attractions continue to operate in light rain. In the event of lightning or severe weather, some attractions may temporarily close, but reopen as soon as it is safe to do so. Park may close early if inclement weather causes very low attendance. Refunds and rainchecks are not offered.

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