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To Ride with SC*


To Ride Alone


Additional Restrictions

No single riders.

*Supervising Companion

Meets all attraction height and safety criteria, understands safety instructions, and can assist a child in complying with safety instructions.

Awesome Views!

See Waldameer, Presque Isle, and Lake Erie from over 100' up in the air. On a clear day you may even see the shores of Canada!

Ride Experience

Traditional Ferris Wheel ride that travels in a vertical circular motion reaching a maximum height of 100 feet. Ride will be stopped several times as gondolas are loaded and unloaded.

Height & Size Requirement

Must be 30" or taller to ride. 30-42" tall must be seated next to a Supervising Companion.

Physical Requirement

Must be able to sit upright or have a Supervising Companion to assist. Not recommended for guests with recent surgery.


Accessible entry through ride exit.

A must-ride at sunset!

Breathtaking Views!

Be sure to ride in the evening to catch a stunning view of a famous Lake Erie sunset.