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Music Express

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To Ride with SC*


To Ride Alone


Additional Restrictions

Smaller riders must enter the car first.

*Supervising Companion

Meets all attraction height and safety criteria, understands safety instructions, and can assist a child in complying with safety instructions.

Get ready to spin FAST!

Hold on tight as you travel forwards and backwards around a circular wave track with dips and valleys to the beat of top 40s hits!

Ride Experience

Aggressive thrill ride travelling in a circular path at varying speeds both forwards and backwards with changes in elevation on a wave track. Riders will experience lateral forces that will press riders to the left side of their car.

Height & Size Requirement

Must be 52” or taller to ride. Smaller riders must enter the car first.

Physical Requirement

Must be able to sit upright with full upper body control. Must have a minimum of one full natural leg and one full natural or prosthetic arm with ability to grasp. Not recommended for guests who are pregnant or have heart, back, or neck conditions, or recent surgery.


Accessible entry through ride exit.

The louder you are, the faster you'll go.

Every Music Express Ride Operator since 2013.