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Ravine Flyer II

Earn Your Wings!

Ravine Flyer II is consistently ranked a Top 10 Wood Coaster in the world, and is the tallest and fastest wooden coaster in Pennsylvania! This exhilarating coaster features a stunning 120’ first drop, 105' second drop, 4 tunnels, and a huge 165' bridge spanning over Peninsula Drive!
Ravine Flyer II Ride
Ravine Flyer II Ride
Ravine Flyer II Ride

To Ride with SC N/A

To Ride Alone 48"

Opening Time 12:00 pm

Ravine Flyer II Ride
Ravine Flyer II Ride
Ravine Flyer II Ride

Additional Restrictions: May not accommodate guests of larger size.

Ride Experience: A large wooden roller coaster featuring unexpected changes in speed, direction, and elevation. Riders will experience a combination of strong positive forces, lateral forces, and airtime.

Accessibility Information: Must have at least one functioning leg that extends to the knee. Must have full upper body control with ability to sit upright facing forward. Seatbelt must be fastened and lap bar lowered against waist. Prostheses must be secured or removed before riding. Accessible entry through ride exit.

Points Required: 5.5 (if not riding with a Ride-A-Rama or Combo Pass wristband)

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