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Thunder River

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To Ride with SC*


To Ride Alone


Additional Restrictions

WARNING: Ride utilizes strobe lights in tunnel and bottom of second drop.

*Supervising Companion

Meets all attraction height and safety criteria, understands safety instructions, and can assist a child in complying with safety instructions.

The wettest ride in the amusement park!

Family log flume ride featuring a foggy storm tunnel and two large drops. You will get wet or maybe even soaked!

Ride Experience

Family water ride where log boats travel along a water-filled trough that features a foggy tunnel, rapids, and two large drops that will get riders wet.

Height & Size Requirement

Must be 36" or taller to ride. 36-42" tall must be seated in front of a Supervising Companion.

Physical Requirement

Must be able to sit upright with full upper body control. Must have a minimum of one full natural leg and one full natural or prosthetic arm with ability to grasp. Not recommended for guests who are pregnant or have heart, back, or neck conditions, or recent surgery.


Accessible entry through ride exit. Ride does not stop to load or unload under any circumstance. Although rare, guests who are non-ambulatory may experience extreme difficulty and extended delay in the event the ride must be evacuated outside of the station.

Did you know?

Fun Ride Fact

Thunder River opened in 1996 celebrating the 100th Anniversary of Waldameer.